About Us

Pastors Ray and Jodie Austin

Pastors Ray and Jodie Austin have been in the ministry for over 20 years. The desire of their heart is to equip believers for what God has created them to do, whether it be in ministry or in business. Pastor Jodie's ability to teach the word with her prophetic bent will unlock and stir up those dreams and visions that lie deep in your heart. Pastor Ray's heart for worship and prophetic preaching will take you to place where you are crying out for more of God.

​God is the driving force in their lives and ministry.  Their desire is to come alongside the local church, pour into their community and equip the saints to handle more, become more and do more!



We have always had a heart to build-up, strengthen, edify, raise up and send out the body of Christ. We do not believe that a church should be confined by its walls and we do not believe that the Great Commission is a suggestion; it was a COMMAND. It is a command that we take very seriously. God is far too good to keep to ourselves!

​We want to be the hands and feet of Christ. In a world that is being torn apart by hate and divisiveness, we get to show them the all-inclusive love of the Father. We want to meet them where they are and get messy with them because let's face it, life AND ministry will always be messy. So, let's get messy together and let people experience who God truly is...through us!! We will always be stronger together.