Church Launch

It all starts with people. We will be meeting anyone and everyone, inviting them to know God and our church, and sharing the vision that God has given us to be a safe, reliable and relevant place. We will welcome people to come just as they are, explore their faith and to experience God in new and deeper ways.

We are excited about the people that God is raising up and the connections that are being made to support the ministry of Epic Life Church. To launch our worship services here in Colorado Springs, we will be gathering partners to pray, give, lead and serve.

To get a taste of what Epic Life is all about, we will have monthly services starting in February of 2018. Each month, we will focus on inviting as many people as possible to attend, thus building momentum toward the launch of weekly Sunday services. 

Reaching new people, welcoming them into our community, and helping them grow in their love of God and others through worship, relationship and discipleship—these are the foundational elements for the weekly services and the life of Epic Life Church.